Tuesday, December 16, 2014

11 Food Words Worth Using

A little while ago, this article, 21 Words & Phrases That We Should Probably All Quit Using was brought to our attention. It sparked a pretty funny online conversation about which words belong on the “do not use “ list (we think it's safe to say that “nom” just has to go) and which words we still defend.

Here’s our list of 11 food words we feel are worth using.

1.     Delicious. We know, it can sound somewhat repetitive, but food so often is …delicious. We love the word. And if food writer, Ruth Reichl says it's okay, we believe her.

2.     Rejuvenating. We wish more and more people would use this word and start to view food this way. Food is meant to help you feel beautiful, fight disease, and to be rejuvenating.

3.     Yum. This word is instinctive. How can you not use it to describe your favorite slice of pizza, a juicy peach, or a perfectly poached egg?  Okay, so Ruth Reichl doesn't like “yummy”, but we're going to keep “yum.” Sometimes, it just feels right.

4.     Energizing. We love that food has the ability to make us feel on top of our game, and that’s why we love this word.

5.     Nourishing. We had to. This is the best.

6.     Wholesome. This word feels like a hug. And since a simpler, less complicated, more wholesome way of eating is becoming more mainstream again (woo hoo!), this word is timely, too.

7.     Real. Because life is too precious to spend time with fake people or to eat fake cheese.

8.     Foodie. This word has single-handedly united food lovers from home cooks to registered dietitians to people who just like to eat! We love any word that brings the community of food lovers together.

9.     Lovely. It’s how we describe a pretty slice of wedding cake or a good glass of wine. Lovely is so…well, lovely.

10.  Fantastic. Although fantastic isn't necessarily a food word per se, there is no way you can say this word in a food related sentence without smiling. "This sandwich is fantastic!" (insert smile here)

11.  Balanced. In a world that constantly over glorifies the ideas of busy, excess and other extremes, this is a nice reminder of what we should really strive for.

What words do you think belong on this list? We love to know!


  1. I like "healthy and hearty" because so many people think healthy food can't be filling, but it really is!

  2. great list! I'm a fan of many of these and now you've introduced me to some new ones to start using!

  3. Love this list! Since my tagline is Eat.Feel.Be. Delicious, I'm pretty partial to that one (and good to know Ruth's ok with it too :-) I've also been using nourishing a lot more lately too-looks like you're ahead of the game with that one!

  4. Rejuvenating!!!! I LOVE THAT WORD :) That is what ALL of my foods do!