Monday, February 24, 2014

Eating Well Isn't About Perfection

There are always so many things I want to say in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Lisa and I have shared our thoughts about “dieting,” body image, and our society’s preoccupation with a certain ideal before.

This is why we feel so good about our non-diet philosophy.

In a TED Talk I recently watched featuring Sandra Aamodt, titled Why dieting usually doesn’t work,” she points out that the typical outcome of dieting is that you’re more likely to gain weight than lose it.


Diets tend to categorize certain foods as ‘bad,’ wrong, or ‘off-limits,’ which often sets the foundation for a cycle of failure and/or guilt. When we feel deprived, this often leads to subsequent overeating.  How many times have you broken your "diet" and thought “I blew it anyways, so I might as well have more…”?  

When we allow all foods into our life, we can relieve ourselves from this cycle of deprivation followed by guilt, and learn to truly enjoy food and listen to our bodies for hunger and fullness cues.

Sandra Aamodt concludes her TED Talk perfectly: "Our daughters have learned to measure their worth by the wrong scale," she said.

So this week (and every week!) we want you to keep this in mind.

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A very special thanks to the wonderful crew at Nature Box for making our body loving tips so beautiful!

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