Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Healthy Holiday Side Dish Recipe Round-Up!

People always ask us what we like to eat for the holidays. For us, it’s all about the sides! Side dishes are a perfect opportunity to give fruits and vegetables, whole grains, herbs & spices a starring role. We recently asked some of our RD blogger friends to share some of their favorite healthy side dishes – and here they are!

We hope these help you plan a flavorful and nutrient-packed Thanksgiving!

With just six simple ingredients, these Curry Roasted Baby Carrots bring a special flair to the holiday table. 

Brighten up the flavor of cauliflower with rosemary, red pepper flakes, raisins and red wine vinegar!

This whole grain wheat berry salad will add a burst of color to any Thanksgiving table. Chunks of roasted butternut squash are tossed with bright pomegranate arils, sliced green apple, baby kale and candied walnuts, all bundled up in a warm cider vinaigrette.

Pumpkin Cornbread from Michaela Ballmann of Wholify
You’re sure to fall in love with this fall-inspired, gluten-free version of the much loved corn-based bread.

Looking for an easy, yet elegant healthy holiday side dish? It doesn't get much easier than this simple side dish of steamed carrots, toasted pine nuts, and feta cheese!

Breaded n Baked Broccoli Bites from Stephanie & Willow of CJ Nutrition
This dish makes a great side dish or appetizer. If you think you don't like broccoli...give this recipe a try! 

If you don't eat dairy, you've probably had to steer clear of jalapeño poppers at parties. And that's sort of a drag, because jalapeños stuffed with cheese and then coated in a crispy breading are...delicious. This version is so good that cheese eaters and non cheese eaters alike will all love them. Bring a batch or three to your next get-together and let the noshing begin!

Pumpkin Hummus from Lisa & McKenzie of NourishRDs
This flavorful spin on your typical hummus recipe makes it the perfect appetizer or side dish for your Thanksgiving gathering. Loaded with vitamin A and fiber, pumpkin hummus is not only a treat for your tastebuds, it’s a dish you and your family can feel good about eating.

Roasted Vegetables with Tahini Dip from Lisa & McKenzie of NourishRDs
This recipe for roasted vegetables with tahini dip is one of our favorites.  Despite being one of the healthiest options at a holiday party, it's always one of the first things to disappear off the buffet!


  1. The sides are always the most important part ;)

  2. Such a delicious round-up-I want to eat them all!!! Thanks so much for including my Carrots w/ Feta and Pine Nuts :-)

  3. Love roundups! Thanks for including us -- we want to make all of these delish dishes!

  4. I agree sides are the best part of a meal! It's always the deciding factor for me at a restaurant too! Thanks for including my cauliflower recipe!

  5. What an awesome round-up!! I literally want to try each and every one of these dishes!

  6. these sound so good! Great idea.

  7. This is a great round-up! All the recipes look so delicious and so healthy!