Friday, October 11, 2013

Power up Your Breakfast: Breakfast Buddy Sandwich

By our wonderful contributing Blogger, Georgia Rounder!

As a current college student majoring in dietetics, the hectic, bustling midterm season has arrived this October! This time of the semester brings long nights in the library, little to no sleep, and definitely more coffee consumption than my usual morning cup. Now, more than ever, my nutrition needs to be in tip-top shape in order to power my brain through the endless hours of studying ahead of me; and this begins with the first meal of the day.

Since there never seems to be nearly enough hours in the day for a college student, breakfast often needs to a quick, easy option that can be eaten on the run. Otherwise, this meal may often be skipped altogether by busy students.

A delicious, filling breakfast sandwich (playing off the idea of your traditional egg sandwich commonly ordered at fast-food restaurants) is the perfect solution in my book!

I was first introduced to the idea of the “Breakfast Buddy” sandwich while regularly eating in dining halls during my first year of college. The small café in my dormitory would serve up hot breakfast sandwiches filled with all the classic fare: bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, and eggs. These sandwiches were easily the most popular item on the menu, enticing students out of their cozy beds each morning with all the delicious scents that characterize this first meal of the day.

Today, I still consume these tasty Breakfast Buddies on a regular basis, while putting my own healthy twist on this favorite.

Instead of the white toast or bagel my dorm would use as the base for these sandwiches, I have substituted  small whole-grain bagels or English muffins full of fiber and protein, allowing for a steady supply of energy for the brain throughout the morning.

The whole-grain base is then topped with one over-hard egg for an extra boost of protein and lean turkey bacon (optional). I also love adding a slice (or two!) of a juicy, ripe tomato,  a few creamy avocado slices, or even a thin slice of cheese to add complexity and yummy texture, and nutrition to this simple breakfast.

While this particular breakfast sandwich combination is my favorite, a variety of different ingredients and flavor combinations can be used.

·        Instead of the whole-grain bagel or English muffin, whole-wheat/whole-grain bread or pita can be substituted
·        Any other delicious cheese variety can be substituted for the provolone. McKenzie and Lisa are huge fans of Beecher’s Flagship.
·         You can also experiment with a wide variety of veggies! Pile on some sautéed spinach or mushrooms, a few caramelized onions or even roasted red bell peppers to help you meet your daily veggie goal.

And now, for the recipe.

Breakfast Buddy


1 small whole-grain bagel or English muffin
1 egg, cooked over-hard
1-2 slices tomato, or other veggies of your choice
¼ an avocado or 1 slice provolone cheese
2-3 slices lean turkey bacon (optional)


1.      Slice the whole-grain bagel, and toast to desired crispiness.

2.      Top the egg with veggies of your choice, cheese or avocado, the over-hard egg, and turkey bacon if desired.

Serve with a side of fruit.

Photo courtesy of Mark and Allegra Jaroski-Biava from Flickr

Serves 1 to 2.

Enjoy, preferably with those you love!


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