Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Happy & Healthy New Year!

Last week, I treated myself to one of my very favorite indulgences.

 I got my nails done just in time for the holidays.

As my polish was being painted on, I sat next to the sweetest (and spunkiest) elderly lady who happened to choose the exact same sparkly red color for her fingers. I soon found out that this woman was 98. Ninety-eight.

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the secret to longevity. The Okinawan Study suggests having a sense of community, belonging and purpose are all key factors. Sharon Palmer, the author of one of our favorite books, The Plant-Powered Diet summarizes that eating more whole plants is the dietary secret to lively a long, healthy life. We’ve also talked about the benefits of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine – even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

While we continue to do more research about the secret to living until your 98, Lisa and I think you should at least strive to live a happy, nourished one.

This includes giving in to a few indulgences once and awhile. And, keep in mind that not all indulgences need to be guilty ones; many can help you feel happy, foster good relationships, and lend yourself to living a healthy life.

Here are some ideas:

Call your best friend.
Buy yourself a new perfume.
Sign up for a new fitness class, go on a new hike, or run an extra half mile.
Get a massage.
Sleep in.
Go to bed early.
Take a nap.
Have a hot bath.
Write in your journal.
Go a walk.
Have a dance party.
Organize your closet and donate your old clothes.
Decorate your house with fresh flowers.

What will you incorporate into your life for 2013 to help you feel happy and healthy?
We’d love to know.

And wishing you a wonderful, nourished New Year!

McKenzie & Lisa

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