Monday, May 14, 2012

Summertime Bucket List

People who know me well, know that I absolutely love summer. Summer gives me the opportunity to do some of my very favorite things, like spending days in the water and going to outdoor concerts, while also enjoying some of the year’s most delicious in-season fruits & veggies.

I’m also a complete sucker for To-Do lists (Guilty confession: I sometimes add tasks to my list after I’ve already completed them just so I can check them off).

With my favorite season just around the corner, here’s my list of what I’m dreaming up for Summer 2012.

1.      Have a picnic on the beach (x 100), and pack these.

2.      Join Lisa in Bellingham for the Common Threads Farm Camp Pizza, where we’ll help kids make our favorite food.

3.      Celebrate my birthday with this cake.

4.   Visit The Farmshop in Brentwood & Umamicatessen in Los Angeles.

5.      Hike to the Punch Bowls in Santa Paula, and remember to bring these.

6.   Visit Avila Valley Barn so I can pick my own berries.

7.      Make a pie with the berries I pick.  

8.    Dip my toes in the water of Grassi Lakes in Canmore, Alberta. This is on my bucket list every summer and you may understand why when you look at the evidence below.

9.      Go to a Dodger game.

10.    Take an outdoor yoga class.

11.   Go for a bike ride in Ventura while remembering to hydrate.

12.     Bust out some dance moves at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

13.   Master the art of grilling the perfect peach.

14.   Find the recipe for the perfect veggie burger.

15.   Enroll in a kickboxing class. Check. (oops, see?)

One of the amazing things I love about food is that it can help people feel their best so they can accomplish everything on their bucket list, no matter what the season is. I also love that so many the items on my bucket list focus on the incredible ability for food to bring people to together  –whether it’s at the kitchen table, at a pick-your-own fruit farm, or at a picnic on the beach.

What's on your bucket list for the summer? I would love to know what everyone is dreaming up.

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