Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beyond Meatless Monday…Our Delicious go-to Breakfasts

Growing up, most of my family thought I was destined to become a vegetarian. As a child, I would pick at the roast beef or grilled chicken on my plate but would gobble down my cooked cauliflower or carrots without a moment of hesitation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a burger at a summer barbeque as much as the next person – but if I absolutely had to give up meat, I could do it without adjusting my eating habits too much. Giving up bread on the other hand – well, that wouldn’t be so easy.

In a recent post, Lisa mentioned that Americans tend to eat too much meat as it is. And it’s true. But, I don’t want to scare you. When consumed in moderation, meat has some wonderful health benefits. It’s an excellent source of B vitamins, iron, and protein – the building block for your body’s cells and tissues. Protein is also important for muscle growth and repair.

That being said, good quality protein can also be found in these meatless sources:

eggs, cheese, milk or milk alternatives, yogurt (Greek yogurt especially!), nuts & nut butters, beans, lentils, edamame, and tofu…

….and these are starting to get more attention.

There’s been a recent rise in “flexitarianism” — an eating style that reduces the amount of meat in one’s diet without completely “going vegetarian.” Shifting the focus of your meals from meat to plant based sources of protein, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables definitely has its perks. It’s good for your body and the environment, while also being good to your bank account.

To show you how delicious and satisfying a vegetarian meal can be, I thought I would start with breakfast.


Because breakfast is one of the easiest meals to skip meat. Who needs bacon or sausage when you can feast your eyes on one of our delcious ideas below?

Also, most people tend to skip breakfast due to lack of time. Preparing meatless breakfasts are often simple, quick to do, and still completely satisfying. Since Lisa and I are both such advocates of starting your day off with some good quality nourishment, we’re also big fans of making breakfast more achievable.

Have 20 minutes?

Try our Hazelnut Pancakes topped with berries of your choice.

Or Try our Whole Wheat Biscuits with an egg and small glass of OJ.
Have 10 minutes?

Make one of our favorite egg sandwiches.
Cook an egg well done (so the yolk isn’t runny) and combine with a slice of really good cheese (Beecher’s Flagship is our favorite) between a whole wheat English muffin. Grab a small piece of fruit for an extra balanced meal.

Or have The Lisa-McKenzie Breakfast staple.
Whole wheat toast topped with sliced avocado or a little sautéed spinach. Top with an egg. We prefer our yolks runny for this one.

Or try our Perfect Berry Oatmeal:
Combine about one cup cooked oats with about one cup berries, a spoonful of ground flaxseeds, cinnamon, vanilla & topped with almonds slivers.

Have 5 minutes?

Have an early dose of Heart Health.
Spread a slice of whole wheat toast with nut butter & ground flaxseeds. Top with half a banana, sliced.

Or make a Breakfast Parfait.
Layer Greek yogurt with sliced fruit and a little Nourish granola.

Have 2 minutes?

Grab a nutrition bar with both protein and fiber (Luna Bar is our favorite) & a piece of fruit.

Or grab leftovers from dinner last night.

Enjoy. And remind yourself that by eating breakfast, you’re showing yourself a little love.

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